Garia A/S is a luxury golf cart and utility car manufacturer. Garia’s products are created through a visionary innovation and development process with the best materials the automotive industry has to offer. Christoffer Hansson, Chief Operating Officer: “We want to have automotive grade material and parts in our vehicles. Artekno has helped us getting the automotive feeling, allowing us to substantiate our slogan “Other say golf cart – we say golf car.”

Artekno supplies Garia golf car interior and exterior parts due to the experience of being supplier to the automotive and agricultural vehicle industry and the experience with the production technologies needed to manufacture the parts.

“We are very pleased with the products from Artekno. When striving for perfection there will off course be hurdles, but our general perception is that Artekno wants the best for us as a customer. When there are challenges, we receive good professional feedback and we deal with them together.”

“A stable expert team to support the customer gives a good consistency in the cooperation. With the variety of production technologies and the expertise that Artekno possesses we are talking about a variety of projects in the future together where Artekno is not only the supplier, but can also help with development of new parts.”

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