Artekno – always developing, always sustainable

Experience guarantees quality

Artekno is a Finnish expert in plastic products, temperature-sensitive logistics products and food packaging. 95% of our customers recommend us. This high satisfaction rate is no accident: we invest in expertise, customer-oriented service, efficient processes and responsibility. We have upheld all these values since our founding in 1953.

Production in 4 locations
Staff 120 professionals
Exports to 30 countries
Over 100 customer projects annually
Highly recommended by 95 % of our clients

Developing a sustainable world

Responsibility means action, not words. Artekno complies with the ISO 14001 environmental standard in all its operations. We are always working to make our internal processes increasingly eco-friendly, for example by minimising waste heat and losses and investing in energy-efficiency. We innovate and test new environmentally friendly materials and processes in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, material suppliers, universities and our customers. Fibre packaging of various types is an increasingly important part of product offerings. We are also working to further improve communications and awareness about plastic recycling. Attitudes and information play a key role in the plastic recycling rate in Finland.

Suunnittelijamme valitsevat asiakkaan tuotteen käyttötarkoituksen ja valmistettavuuden kannalta parhaimman teknologian ja materiaalin.

Innovation and renewal since 1953

Artekno began its operations in 1953. Since then, we have grown into a major operator in industrial equipment manufacturing and the food and packaging industry. We started with plastic products, but have over the years developed expertise in a very wide range of materials.

Arteknolla on omat pintakäsittelylinjat joilla taataan korkea laatu.

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