High quality Thermo packaging

Vital logistics

A safe cold and heat chain is paramount in the transport of temperature-sensitive products. Artekno's cold and hot packaging is the most advanced in thermology logistics and also highly customizable. Check out the ready-made collection or order a special solution for an individual need.

The widest collection

Artekno is the Finnish market leader in thermal transport equipment. We manufacture EPP and EPS (Styrox) cold and hot logistics boxes to ensure the right temperature and safe transport of products. Solutions can be supplemented with loggers and sensors that record measurement data. Cooler bags tailored to consumers can be found at almost every retailer all over Finland. EPP boxes for professional use are not only durable, but also optimized for GN sizing. In addition, they have numerous insights, for example with regard to lifting and transport.

Customized solutions

Artekno develops and manufactures solutions according to your needs. We keep the cold cold and the hot hot, and isolate the sound if it is meant to. With experience and know-how, Artekno’s Design team designs the right solutions for insulation. We have developed and manufactured dozens of special solutions for demanding needs, and combined e.g. electronics passive solutions. One application is RFID tags related to the logistics of the products, which we have integrated into the refrigerated transport boxes, the customer receives information about the received boxes automatically.

Artekno Ocean – green thermal product line

Artekno Ocean is the first foam material in the Nordic countries to which 15% of the plastic raw material collected from the sea has been added. Artekno Ocean is a raw material made in part from nets and ropes collected from the seas. The production produces 7% less CO2 emissions compared to virgin material. The product range supports our sustainable development goals.

Solutions for different industries

Transportation of medical and health technology products

Are you looking for a solution for healthcare refrigerated transport? Artekno’s reliable products are already used in many pharmaceutical or organ transports, blood transports, vaccine transports and the logistics of laboratory samples.

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For transporting food

Need a cold box or hot box for transporting food and food? From the link below you can get to Artekno’s comprehensive collection, where products can be ordered with a fast delivery time. For customizable products, contact Artekno Design.

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Artekno Ocean – A sustainable choice for change

 “Each minute, 15 tons of plastic ends up in our seas.” The Finnish Artekno Ocean is the first cooler box to use 15% recycled expanded polypropylene material that is made of marine waste collected from the sea, such as fishing nets or ropes. 


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