Food packaging from the range or with the customer’s own moulds

From standard models to customised solutions

Artekno provides knowledge, skill and experience all in the same package. We assist in the design of food packaging from the outset, as the choice of material and shape can have a significant impact on the cost and functionality of packaging as well as on its environmental friendliness. Artekno provides just the right batch, either from our range of mould or with individually designed moulds. This way, storage worries will become a thing of the past.

Versatile materials

Artekno focuses on sustainable solutions for food packaging. The main materials we use in packaging are cardboard, aluminium and plastic. In the cases of cardboard and plastic packaging, we primarily serve our customers with our own production, and for the production of aluminium packaging we work closely with the largest European manufacturers.

A wide range of possibilities, flexible deliveries

We offer a comprehensive range of ready-made solutions to efficiently serve each customer according to their specific packaging needs. We design cardboard, aluminium and plastic packaging in meetings between the customer, the mould supplier and the product manufacturer. We have a logistics warehouse in Kangasala, near the city of Tampere, enabling fast and flexible customer deliveries.

Compliance with requirements and sustainable development

Our food packaging meets strict hygiene requirements. The products are manufactured in accordance with international good manufacturing practice criteria for materials that come into contact with food. We only use materials that meet the applicable requirements, and we also take into account the recycling of packaging after use.

Packaging materials

Cardboard packaging

Artekno has invested heavily in its own fibre-packaging production operations in Kangasala, Finland. Increasing use of cardboard packaging enables us to provide more and more environmentally friendly solutions.

Cardboard packaging

Plastic packaging

For the production of plastic packing, Artekno has its own company, Artekno Eesti Oü, which was founded in 2009. We deliver to more than ten countries in Europe, and our Finnish logistics are supported by our own warehouse in Kangasala, near the city of Tampere.

Plastic packaging

Aluminium packaging

For many types of food packaging, aluminium is a good choice of material. The aluminium used in packaging is more than 60% recycled, and there is no limit to the amount of times this material can be reused if properly recycled.

Aluminium packaging
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