Individualised contract manufacturing

Every step of the way, from design to delivery

When you need a custom-made product or component, you’ve come to the right place! Artekno is a well-established expert in materials and technologies, manufacturing individual products in individual moulds. Learn about our service process and contact our sales department.

High-quality mould manufacturing

Mould manufacturing is often a significant expense in the design and manufacture of new products. Thanks to our extensive partner network, Artekno can tender in advance to offer the best prices and suppliers that have met our quality criteria.

Scalable technology

We select technology according to the product’s characteristics and the required production volume. We can flexibly change the technology used as production volumes change. In this way, every customer always receives the most efficient implementation possible.

The whole chain, to surface treatment and assembly

Artekno manages the entire production chain, including surface treatment, assembly, storage and transportation. This makes the collaboration logistically easy for the customer to manage, as well as ensuring reliable deliveries and cost-effectiveness.

Our services


An idea can only become a functioning product with the right materials and dimensions. Artekno is a materials expert and contract manufacturer in the plastics and packaging industries. We ensure the manufacturing of functional products, components and packaging from raw materials. Agile product development keeps our customers always one step ahead.

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Kuva Arteknon toimistolta: tuotesuunnittelija työn touhussa


Quickly and precisely manufactured prototypes ensure the functionality of the product before ordering production moulds. Artekno ensures the swift manufacture and delivery of functional prototypes and pilot series designed in collaboration with Artekno.

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Prototyypin avulla voidaan helposti todentaa tuotteen toiminnallisuus ja jopa nopeuttaa projektin aikataulua.


We will find the right tools for you to manufacture your products efficiently. We place an extremely high priority on product quality and operating efficiency. Our long history of helping our customers succeed is based on close collaboration with mould suppliers. In addition to procuring an optimised moulds, we take care of their condition and storage throughout their life cycle.

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Arteknon ammattilaiset auttavat mielellään materiaali- ja muottivalinnoissa.


Volume-scalable production technologies enable optimal product life-cycle planning, and are complemented by in-house assembly, surface treatment and contract storage. We minimise logistics costs for your benefit. In this way, we can be sure of the competitiveness of the product, while taking into account variations in product volumes and different versions of the product, if applicable.

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Kuva Artkenon tuotantotehtaalta Luopioisista

Surface treatment

Our extensive production operations also include surface treatments. In addition to top-quality surfaces, you will obtain your products without additional logistics costs, ordering costs or uncertainty about delivery responsibilities. Delivery times are also shortened. Careful finishing and roughening of the base ensures that the painting surface is highly durable. We have a wide range of painting lines, from hand-painting to automated lines. All our painting lines ensure top-quality surfaces for products, regardless of whether they are made here or elsewhere. In this way, the whole product can be painted in the same colour and tint without fear of uneven paint batches or poor painting technique. Artekno also uses devices for checking the tint of painting, ensuring that the desired tint can be verified more accurately than with the human eye.

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Oma pintakäsittely – nopeat ja korkealuokkaiset toimitukset

Assembly, testing and packaging

It’s not a good idea to try to handle everything yourself. Larger delivery ease bottlenecks in your production, and you can also reduce the number of suppliers and deliveries by combining partial delivery packages. Our assembly department expertly installs fittings, locks, electrical kits and other mechanical parts on products. We procure parts either in accordance with the customer’s agreements or through our own procurement channels in collaboration with the customer.

If a product is completely finished by Artekno, we can also carry out the necessary functional tests, package the products appropriately and dispatch them directly to your customers. Easy and efficient!

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Sävymittarilla tarkastetaan tuotteen maalipinnan laatu.

Contract storage

Contract storage ensures that you will get your product at just the right time, regardless of demand. We can also store products semi-finished. This means that the value of the stock remains very moderate, but deliveries are fast, for example for the production of different-coloured versions of products. Optimised contract storage allows efficient and reliable operations, as well as smoothing out fluctuations in demand cost-effectively throughout the year.

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Kuva Arteknon varastolta - palveluihimme kuuluu myös sopimusvarastointi

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