Expanded plastic

Expanded plastic is a versatile material that can be moulded to virtually any shape. By designing the product with the client, we are able to find the most suitable material.

Our delivery reliability is certified, and we serve various industries all over Finland, including health technology, the heating, plumbing, ventilation and electricity sector, thermologistics, food packaging and commercial vehicle manufacturing.

Recycling and biodegradable EPP materials

Artekno is the first company in Finland to use biodegradable expanded plastic in production. It is a corn starch-based material that can partially replace expanded polystyrene (EPS) and expanded polypropylene (EPP). The material is biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly solution when reusing a product is not feasible.

Artekno Ocean raw material makes use of marine waste, such as nets and ropes, bringing the percentage of recycled material used up to 15 per cent. Another ecological material we use is EPP containing 25 per cent recycled materials.

Expanded plastic products from various materials

We manufacture expanded plastic products and packages from both virgin and recycled raw materials. First the desired product qualities are specified, and then we choose the materials with the client.


EPP, which is a closed-cell bead foam, is a durable material with excellent elasticity and outstanding impact resistance. EPP is easy to clean and machine-washable and is especially well suited for food packaging for demanding uses, and for the health technology industry and various other industries.


EPS, which is a rigid, closed cell, thermoplastic foam material that is a durable solution especially for the construction and transport industries. EPS has excellent thermal insulating properties and excellent impact resistance.

Biodegradable material

Corn starch-based biodegradable material provides an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic materials. The final product has good insulation properties and is industrially compostable.

Artekno Ocean – for cleaner oceans

Artekno is the first company in the Nordic countries to develop an expanded plastic material of which 15 per cent is waste collected from the sea. As a result, 7 per cent less CO2 emissions are generated in the manufacture of the product compared to manufacturing with virgin materials alone. Artekno Ocean’s properties are comparable to those of EPP-based materials. In addition to Artekno Ocean, we also now manufacture EPP with a 25 per cent recycled material content.

Artekno’s design service is based on the latest technology

Our design team has extensive experience of expanded plastic and its use in a wide variety of industries. 3D design and modelling facilitate the interaction between the client and the design team already in the early phases of product development. This ensures the best possible design of the final product and that all the demands set for it are met.

We use modern processing equipment for the precise manufacturing of expanded plastic products. We can also design and manufacture several components of the final product from different plastic types as necessary.

We have the know-how to create the final product – all you need is the idea.

Artekno Oy – a pioneer in high-quality plastic products

We are a Finnish pioneer in plastic products and packaging technology. Thanks to our continuous research and development, we can provide advanced solutions for the design, assembly or surface treatment of plastic products. Our expertise covers several different plastic materials and manufacturing techniques.

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