Our company, which manufactures high-quality polymer products, has served a wide range of industries for almost 70 years. We have earned a reputation as a provider of polyurethane products and surface treatment services for even the most demanding applications. Over the years, we have invested in innovative production methods for plastic products in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our continuous investment in product development is reflected in low production costs for our customers.

Low mould costs, high quality and proven durability have made our polyurethane products successful. Material management and design play an important role in the success of each project.

Polyurethane products are designed with the customer – from mould to the finished product

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive solution from mould to finished product. We have our own painting facility for the surface treatment of products irrespective of their complexity. As the component size and quality requirements increase, the superiority of our products becomes even more evident. Close collaboration with the customer during the design phase results in highly functional, practical and competitive solutions.

Our main customers include equipment and machine manufacturers, thermologistics companies, food manufacturers and pharmaceutical and health technology manufacturers. All our customers are looking for high-quality products produced at a reasonable cost. Our customers find it important that we are a Finnish company. Excellent customer service throughout the process means a great deal to our customers aiming at high quality. Safe products are an asset in the market.

From design to finished product, we provide the whole process:
  • Mould design and construction
  • Mould casting
  • Surface treatment and painting
  • Mechanical assembly of the product
How to get your project started

We provide service at +358 3 244 7600
You can also contact us by email at info@artekno.fi. We are happy to provide more information on the production of polyurethane products and the related schedules and costs.

What are our most common polyurethane products?

The annual volume of our polyurethane products is typically in the hundreds or thousands. The products we manufacture include equipment enclosures, armrests and gun stocks. Polyurethane can also be used to manufacture hard, semi-soft or soft products, such as dashboards or soft shower benches. Since polyurethane is a durable material, it is well suited for complex items. Usually the items we produce are surface-treated before delivery to the customer.

Properties of polyurethane

Hard integral foam:

The sandwich structure provides optimal strength, lightness and rigidity, among other things. Good acoustic properties. Conventional materials, such as wood and metal, can be integrated into the product.

Polyurethane elastomers:

This is a highly-prized material on account of its strength, durability and resistance to gases, oils and aromatic hydrocarbons, along with excellent resistance to oxygen and ozone. The moulds can be designed to create various surface patterns on the products. The material reduces noise and vibration.

Flexible reaction injection moulding (RIM) and reinforced reaction injection moulding (RRIM)

These have excellent tensile properties, heat resistance and impact strength. These materials are frequently used in health technology and transport equipment in particular. The finished products are dimensionally accurate.

Cold-cure foam and rigid polyurethane foam:

The material is most often used in furniture. The foam has an open-cell structure throughout, which keeps the foam soft. The elasticity of cold-cure foam can be adjusted by altering the mixing ratio, for example. The mechanical properties of rigid polyurethane foam can be changed by altering its density.

Foil technique:

When a foil technique is used, there is no need to paint or upholster the product. Soft or rigid plastic film is used as a separate surface material that gives the product a pleasant surface and a finished look.

Polydicyclopentadiene PDCPD (Telene):

Perfect for the production of large items. A popular material due to its impact strength, elasticity, lightness, corrosion resistance and paintability.