Assembly, testing and packaging

The whole chain, to surface treatment and assembly

In addition to high-quality plastic production, Artekno provides surface treatment of products and the mechanical assembly of equipment. This way, the customer gets all the required products from one place – quickly, effortlessly and without any additional logistics costs.

With the aid of our three hand-painting lines and one automated painting line, we can provide surface treatment of plastic products made by us or by other service providers using different production methods. Treating all the visible parts of the equipment using the same surface-treatment method and the same paints adds the finishing touch, regardless of the component material or production method. In addition to painting, we can also provide tampo-printed customer logos and other prints.

Our assembly department installs fittings, locks, electrical kits and other mechanical parts on products. We procure parts either in accordance with the customer’s agreements or through our own procurement channels in collaboration with the customer.

Our packaging department packs the products according to the agreed batch sizes and materials. At the same time, the products are inspected visually.

This process results in a top-quality product provided quickly and at a very competitive price.  Everything from the same place: Artekno – quickly and effortlessly