Artekno Design team

Between an idea and a product,
you can find innovative thinking

A functioning product or device, or any of its components, is the result of a great idea, the right technology, and careful design. The Artekno Design team consists of true design professionals who know their materials and are ready to help our customers every step of the way: from a great idea to an outstanding product.

Close cooperation from the very beginning

Careful design saves time and minimises the time to market. At the early stages of the design process, it is possible to have a significant influence on the final product’s durability, design, and production efficiency. Innovative materials and creative design solutions are business as usual at Artekno. We offer our expertise and modern solutions to assist you in your own design process, or alternatively you can trust the design work completely to us. Our strong expertise becomes part of your success.

Carefully chosen technology

The Artekno Design team has extensive experience in the behaviour of different materials at various stages of the manufacturing process. Over the years, their know-how has resulted in thousands of successful projects at Artekno. We choose optimal technology and materials for the product’s intended use and manufacturability. We take into account, for example, the effects that the product life cycle, production volume, and potential different versions can have on the manufacturing efficiency of the product. Benefit from our expertise.

For sustainable development

Together with material manufacturers, Artekno is developing more eco-friendly solutions that will benefit us all. We have brought to the market, for example, products made from recycled expanded polypropylene (EPP), such as Ocean 35 cooler boxes. These are partly made of material recycled from marine waste, such as fishing nets and ropes. Travel thermos flasks, on the other hand, are made from corn starch-based Biovia, which is an industrially compostable material. We try to make use of low-energy processes and clean energy choices to reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum. Carefully designed products are durable and bring joy to their users for a long time.

“Analysing the product’s operating environment, estimating production volumes, and choosing the right manufacturing methods are all instrumental factors in success. And we are ready to help you.”

Jesse Paloniemi, Designer, Artekno Design

Order your own design handbook

Are you an industrial designer or product designer? We have compiled a design handbook that can help you with choosing the right materials and technologies. Order your free handbook by email. You can also ask for the Artekno Design team to assist you in your design process.