When manufacturing products for our customers at Artekno, high quality and flexibility have always been the key elements during our long and successful history. Since our production personnel collaborates closely with our design team and raw material suppliers, we can continuously offer and develop competitive solutions for our customers.

We design the products together with our customers. This collaboration allows us to utilise the expertise of both parties to optimise the end product. Artekno knows the materials and production techniques, whereas the customer knows what features the product must have. We manufacture prototypes, small series as well as large production batches according to the customer’s needs in Finland.

Cost-effectiveness is the result of combining experience with the right technologies, surface treatment and assembly and packaging method, while minimizing logistics costs and maximizing quality.

Scalable according to your needs

Artekno offers its customers a growth platform that adapts to changing needs. For the customer, this unparalleled technology translates to reliable and flexible production. We can offer the best technology solution for the production volume or combine suitable solutions at a competitive price. Our surface-treatment expertise guarantees that the technologies will look unified regardless of the selected production method. Thanks to our scalable production, we can always optimise the profitability of your product’s life cycle according to the situation.

Semi-finished products

The products can also be stored semi-finished in Artekno’s warehouse. Thanks to our flexible production, we can carry out the surface treatment and assembly of semi-finished products even on a tight schedule. This way, we can minimise the amount of customer capital tied to the inventory of finished goods.