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Artekno’s experience in manufacturing methods and their impacts on product design together with smooth customer service have made work at Vallox easier.


Vallox Oy has developed and manufactured ventilation systems in Finland for almost 50 years. High-quality ventilation technology is combined with a simple, elegant design, silence and energy efficiency. Artekno is a long-time partner and supplier for Vallox.

Purchaser Markus Värjönen: ”Our cooperation has been really good and has spawned a lot of new ideas. We both know the needs and goals of each other in product development.  We appreciate Artekno’s domesticity and ability to be flexible even in demanding situations. Together we will actively continue product development.”

EPP material was already familiar for Vallox when the cooperation with Artekno started. Artekno’s experience in the manufacturing method and its impact on product design together with smooth customer service have made work at Vallox easier. “EPP allows diverse shapes to be made, what is not necessarily achieved with steel. Compared to steel structures, EPP material allows us to use diverse shapes in designs and this gives us opportunities to replace several steel parts with a single EPP part. Thermal insulation is also an important feature of our products and EPP as a material supports that. In addition, the weight of the ventilation unit can be reduced with lighter material,” Markus says.

Vallox products naturally support sustainable development and are energy efficient. “We will continue to strengthen our partnership and joint development of more environmentally friendly equipment.” Markus comments. Artekno works actively to support Vallox in their work to meet future challenges.

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