Hard-walled plastic resin products

Hard-walled cellular plastic products consist of a sandwich structure in which a dense surface and a microcellular core provide optimal strength, lightness and stiffness, as well as a good strength-to-weight ratio. Wall thicknesses can be varied within the same structure from 6 mm to 30 mm while still avoiding suction marks on the outer surface. Conventional materials such as wood or metal can be implanted in the product in the process.

Typical features of the final product:

  • Almost unlimited freedom in design
  • Good finishing properties (similar to those of wood)
  • Good acoustic properties
  • Impact-resistant and wear-resistant due to the dense surface layer
  • Can be painted and screen-printed
  • The average density of the final product is 300 to 700 kg/m 3
  • Flammability classification UL-94 VO (5.9 mm wall thickness)

Typical mould materials are epoxy and aluminium.